Applesauce or Sour Cream?

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It’s that time of year when families rally behind their favorite latke topping: applesauce or sour cream. As for me, I stand 100% with Team Applesauce, especially homemade, but I’ll settle for store bought if that’s all you have! How about you? What’s your favorite Hanukkah latke topping? (Am I making you hungry? Here are […]

Latke Recipes

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Potato pancakes, called “latkes” in Yiddish, are probably the most popular and well-known food of Hanukkah. In fact, when people think of Jewish people and culture, they often think of Hanukkah and latkes. Here are some great recipes for latkes, including the traditional potato pancakes, a vegan version, and some other fun versions! Traditional Potato […]

Hanukkah Recipes

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The holiday of Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of the oil that lasted eight days when it only should have lasted one. To commemorate this miracle, there are now many traditional Jewish foods that involve oil. Other common Hanukkah recipes celebrate other aspects of the holiday, such as gelt. Here are some popular Hanukkah recipes: Potato […]

What Is Hanukkah Gelt?

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Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday with many fun traditions that are eagerly anticipated by children and adults alike. One that most children look forward to eagerly is receiving Hanukkah gelt, or money. Today, most coins are made of chocolate and are wrapped in gold or silver foil. Not only are they fun “money” to play […]

Why do you eat Latkes on Hanukkah?

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A great question, why do you eat Latkes on Hanukkah? For the most part, deep fried foods are frowned upon. They are bad for your heart, make you gain weight and are dangerous to cook if using an open fryer.   Latkes on the other hand, are a popular food that Jewish people eat during […]