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Printable Hanukkah Fun

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Now you download and print all the Hanukkah puzzles and coloring pages in one easy PDF file. Order any time of day (just $2.97), and you’ll be printing these puzzles within minutes. No waiting for the mailman, ever!!! Puzzles include dot-to-dot puzzles, word search puzzles, and coloring pages. Click here to order now.

Hanukkah Word Search

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What better way to celebrate the Festival of Lights than with this fun and challenging word search. Find the twenty four words hidden in the letter grid using the word list below it. Do it all in one night or spread the fun over all eight! There is also an answer key in this free […]

Star Menorah 1-25 Dot-to-Dot

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Take the Hanukkah challenge and test your counting and drawing skills with this great connect the dots puzzle. First, find a nice sharp pencil. Second, practice counting from one to twenty five. Then light up this puzzle with your celebrated dot connecting abilities! When you are finished you can color the picture, if you are […]

Heart Menorah 1-15 Connect the Dots

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Menorahs come in all different shapes and sizes. This printable Dot-to-Dot puzzle needs your help to complete this Menorah. Just draw lines between the numbered dots from one to fifteen in order to reveal a hidden image. Afterwards you can color in the picture like a normal coloring page. Aren’t Dot-to-Dots super fun? Click on […]

Hanukkah Star 1-15 Dot-to-Dot

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Continue your Hanukkah celebrations with some dot connecting! Counting and drawing are combined to create a fabulous activity the whole family can enjoy. Print out this free PDF and, after all of the numbers have been counted and the lines have been drawn, break out the markers and crayons to color your hearts out! Click […]

Hanukkah Presents – 1 to 25

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Presents are an exciting part of Hanukkah. But there are other exciting things about Hanukkah. Like getting your temple back and oil that lasts longer than it is supposed to. When you print out this free Dot-to-Dot, you can celebrate the excitement of the Festival of Lights and share it with everyone around you. Click […]

Dreidel Connect the Dots 1 to 15

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This year I came down with Dreidel Fever. The only way to feel better when you’ve got the fever is to surround yourself with all things dreidel. My family has been very supportive and we have played with the dreidel every day. But what has helped the most is this awesome Dot-to-Dot. You can print […]

Hanukkah Coloring Pages

Click on any of the thumbnails to download the printable Hanukkah coloring pages in PDF. You will need the free Adobe Reader to open and print the files.